6th Grade Language Arts
Instructor: Marc Costanza


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Jensen’s Vocabulary
English—Houghton Mifflin


    • Root words and their history
    • Daily Oral Language
    • Grammar
    • Frequently misspelled words
    • Vocabulary
    • Essays; stories; letters; reports

Daily Oral Language exercises will begin each class. These will be collected at the end of every week for 10 points.

Tests are on the Greek exercises. There will be a Greek test every week and a half or so; the day before the test there will be a Spelling Bee in test format where extra credit or a test pass may be gained. Flash cards are extra credit and due the day after part D is due.

Due to each exercise being reviewed daily, work will not be accepted late (half credit can be achieved by filling in the correct answers as we review it in class.)

English tests will be at the end of every unit and are open book.

There will be several different writing opportunity projects and assignments that will be graded using the Six Traits plus one writing rubric. These will be assigned at the end of every grammar unit. Short writing assignments are called prompt writing and will be graded on the short 6 trait rubric (6 points) or long form (30 points). Rewrites required on any scores less than a 4 or 25.


One Greek test per semester may be dropped. One English test may be dropped per semester as well.